Fun with “Flutter

“Life is one hell of a ride to not enjoy” -myself

I am a budding flutter developer,trying to learn flutter.Thought why don’t publish all the stupid things i do in the pursuit of mastery.

It may help you the reader,

So the first mistake on my part was trying to “learning it fast”,and one of my friends told “Dude take this udacity course on flutter ,there are very much less number of videos ,you may finish it faster”…And you know what i believed

Then i came to know that the “beginner’s course ” doesn’t tell about every widget,you have to learn all the widgets and how they work, I was flustered not because of it but because of my belief that flutter can be learnt faster


“Don’t think you are Tony Stark ,to complete “atomic physics” in one night”

if u thought the same

Then i started from zero, learnt a overview of every important widget in flutter.Still pretty much going on

Tip: In Flutter website they have mentioned all the must learn widgets that every beginner dev also must know

Once I learnt an overview all the basic and important widgets available ,next is navigation, the thing is u cant have just one screen and tell its a complete app.So Navigation is all about learning to change from one screen to another.


Navigator.of(context).push(MaterialPageRoute(builder: (context) => pagename()));

To go back :


There is another method using routes,which is good too.

So guys that’s all for now, since this is my first post lets keep it simple.

Any feedback,tell in the comments.

So before i finish

Coding and science are hard but they are easy ,But they are fun.

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